Tuesday, February 5, 2008

High Society

I just finished this new necklace design. I am inventing some pieces with a little higher end look to feature on the other site I sell on, smashingdarling.com. I also love skulls and loved the idea of combining something edgy with something that had a classic, elegant look to it. I found this beautiful gold paint I had in my stash and started painted these giant wooden beads I recently purchased. I combined them with some extra cut glass beads I had and created this design I'm really excited about!

The best part about this piece is that the skull piece can be flipped over to a simple gold disk that matches the gold beads! I think I will have to make one in silver as well :)


  1. I really like tgis necklace..but...mmm..I am in argentine..can i get your necklace from this country??I mean..you deliver for other countries??tks..

  2. marcela, I just noticed your comment! Sorry for the delay in responding. I do ship international. My site is http://deannaburasco.etsy.com if you want to see more details on the necklace. Thank you!