Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Customers Are Rock Stars!

I just looooove it when customers tell me how much they love a piece they purchased! I love it even more to get a photo! Here is Sara, who recently rocked her Rock Star Necklace at a concert in Chicago. This is a great photo, not only of Sara, but it shows off the sparkly awesomeness of this necklace so well!

Sara is a fellow blogger. Check out her blog here!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who Doesn't LOVE A Huge Sale?

I just heard about an A-MA-ZING sale happening this Thursday only in Kansas City's Westport!

Nikki Grant Boutique, as well as some other Westport boutiques, including Seduzion Leggs, Screen Tee Gallery and Imagery are having a massive sale this Thursday evening from 5pm - 8pm!

Stop in Nikki Grant for cupcakes and a glass of wine and enjoy 50% off everything except jewelry! You will find some really cute and unique clothing at amazing prices!

Also enjoy a first look at pieces from my new collection, Aisle 15, which doesn't officially debut until August 1st. Hit up NGB and see it first!

Visit the NGB facebook page to preview her gorgeous inventory!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aisle 15

Before I officially started my jewelry business, I had been involved in graphic design, as well as rehabbing homes for resale. Odd combination, I know. For the five years I spent painting, tiling, tearing things out and putting better things back in, I practically lived at places like Lowe's, Home Depot and Ace Hardware. Everything I saw at these stores my mind contorted into a piece of art. Aisle 15 at Home Depot was my favorite aisle. Washers, retaining rings, nuts, It was like a gold mine for my artist mind!

When I first started designing and selling jewelry in 2007, I constantly thought about creating a line that revolved around that simple hardware I had passed by almost every day when rehabbing homes. So, when exploring concepts for my fall collection, I re-visited this idea and started experimenting. I created a necklace for myself using a steel retaining ring and a jet black Swarovski pendant and knew I was on to something by the sheer number of compliments I received.Local singer/songwriter Jillian Riscoe models what was the original necklace design that inspired this line.

Utilizing the elements of that necklace design, I created a collection that is edgy and elegant at the same time.Stunning local model Courtney Lace, wearing numerous pieces from the collection. All pieces feature brass or steel hardware paired with genuine Swarovski crystals.
Jolie Carrillo-Allen, make-up artist, styles Courtney for the shoot.

In addition to Jillian, Courtney and Jolie, Jen Thomas, owner of The Last Tangle Salon was on hand for hair, and all photography was taken by the incredible Vicki Smith. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with this group of talented and professional women!

Aisle 15 will be available in my etsy shop on August 1, 2010. Select pieces will also be available at Nikki Grant Boutique in Westport.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things Are Happening!

Things are super busy here at the "studio"!
I just finished shooting the new collection, I completed my first tutorial project, and I am super excited about a recent collaboration with local singer-songwriter Jillian Riscoe!

Recently, I met Jillian down at Kansas City's Plaza. I just love going down there and hanging out, and it gives me motivation to dress up my look a little. For this outing I wore this super-cute Forever21 dress paired with long denim shorts and my favorite black wedges. Speaking of Forever21, I cannot WAIT until their new Plaza location opens next month.

For jewelry, I wore my own crystal studded resin bangles and a multiple-cross necklace as a bracelet. With all the ruffles on the dress, a necklace was just a little too much.

It was a gorgeous day to be at the Plaza, with a nice break from the typical midwest summer heat and humidity. Jillian and I discussed our most recent collaboration for her merchandise, featuring a play on her heart and bullseye logo.

Here she is, modeling her uber-cute collection! She will be debuting it and performing live tomorrow night at Haute Market, Kansas City's premiere shopping party!
(photo by Vicki Smith, make-up by Jolie Carrillo-Allen)

I am also researching a First Friday opportunity, so stay tuned for more news on that as well!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stars and Stripes

Today I am wearing one of my all-time favorite shirts. I bought it in the juniors department at The Jones Store (now Macy's) about ten years ago. I think I dried it once and it shrunk a couple of inches. I almost got rid of it, until I decided it looked all right with a tank underneath. Now I wear it every Fourth of July!

I paired the top with simple white cropped denim and blue strappy wedges. To accessorize, I wore my extra sparkly Swarovski star ring (my own, but contact me if you want one custom-made. It really has an amazing sparkle!).

I also wore some drop star earrings, accented on both sides with Swarovski crystals. These were worn just for this photo shoot, and the wires are changed out for new whenever they sell. The earrings are available online here. Like the ring, they have an amazing sparkle, which the photos can't completely show.Finally, I have to include a photo of myself and my daughter, who begrudgingly let me take this photo. She hates getting her picture taken, so I was very fortunate to get this shot. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Eighty

As a woman who has officially entered "middle age" (I turned 40 a few months ago), I spend a little more time thinking about the future of my appearance. I have been blessed with good genes, which do help out, but eventually even those genes will give way to old age. In a world that is so obsessed with maintaining a youthful appearance, it is nice to see someone of older age out there in full force...modeling, no less. And modeling for top designers. And walking the runways.Meet Daphne Self, who, now in her eighties, didn't land in the pages of Vogue until age 70!
You can read more about this amazing woman's life here.