Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ice Inspired

I have always wanted to create clear pieces of jewelry, but have not been able to produce a top-quality product until now! I recently upgraded to a jewelry-quality resin (created by Resin Obsession). Although it is more than twice the cost of the resin I used previously, it is undeniably worth the extra expense! It's ultra clear, non-yellowing and cures much harder, which opens the door for me to make many of my new design ideas a reality!

I love to look to the top designers for inspiration, and I recently watched (over and over again, might I add), the Chanel 2010 Fall/Winter Ready To Wear runway show. After drooling over the elegant, ice-like jewelry that came down the runway, I have been experimenting with my own ice-inspired pieces. As much as I hate (hate doesn't even seem strong enough of a word) winter, it is inevitably approaching my part of the country and the artist in me is attempting to embrace it. Here are some upcoming pieces, fresh from my studio:My ice rings are completely made by hand, beginning with a prototype, which is then molded out of silicone, and finally cast in resin. After curing, the final details are hand carved by me, meaning no two rings are ever alike. The tops are accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals!

This icicle inspired pendant is cast in a commercial mold, then manipulated before it finishes curing, creating the icy effect. After curing the final details are hand carved. It is simply stunning!

White Oak branches are used to create this pendant and earrings set. I make a custom mold of each individual branch, then cast in resin. The finished pieces are as beautiful as real branches after a Kansas ice storm, but won't ever melt!

I am completely in love with each and every one of my new creations! They will be available soon in my shop! I cannot wait to do the photo shoot for this collection! It's going to be amazing!