Sunday, March 2, 2008

Adventures in Resin

I have been experimenting with resin and am so excited about this medium! I am finally starting to produce some pieces I feel I can show to the public! The best part is that I am using a lot of bottle caps that would normally be thrown away to create a lot of my pieces. The toughest part is waiting for the resin to cure, as I don't have much patience :) These pieces were worth the wait, though:

This piece is made from a bright orange Naked Juice bottle cap. It is loaded with multi-colored plastic and glass beads. In the center is a shimmery shell bead that looks like an eye. In the middle of the "eye" sits a blue-green plastic bead surrounded by glass beads. There is also glitter placed throughout the resin that gives this pendant a lot of sparkle.

This has got to be my favorite project of the whole week! I call it "Vitamin Candy". It is made from a Flinstones Vitamins cap. It has a doll head "floating" in a sea of candy sprinkles coated in resin. It is not the sort of piece to wear if you don't want to be noticed. :)

This bottlecap pendant is the first one I created using two different layers of resin. You can't tell from the picture, but in the background is neon pink and neon green glitter. Once that layer was cured, I did a second layer and added plastic and glass beads. The three accent pieces are painted glass baubles. It's called "Primary Colors" even though I used hot pink instead of red. :)All of these pieces will be in my etsy shop soon, so check them out! AND, if you want to see some other REALLY awesome resin work, check out this shop: She kicks BUTT in this medium and was my inspiration for trying it out!

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