Friday, June 25, 2010

Sail Away

Sail away is exactly what I wish I could do to escape the oppressive heat of this summer day in Kansas! I took these shots outside and had to hurry before I was overtaken by the humidity! However, if I were taking a trip to the west coast, I would definitely include this ensemble in my luggage, as the pieces are all easy to care for and a perfect neutral backdrop to my jewelry accents. I also chose neutral heels to keep the focus on the jewelry.
Here I am showcasing a long necklace and a cocktail ring from my Ocean View Collection. I love the way the pieces look paired with this neutral cowl neck top and white cropped denim pants! I also had to also add a dash of seaworthy color to my nails :)The cocktail rings are available online and also at Nikki Grant Boutique in Westport! But there are very few left, so go get yours before they are gone!

Outfit: Cowl neck shirt / Forever21 $15 - white denim pants / Moschino via Target $20 - platform heels / Bongo via TJMaxx $20

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  1. Great summery outfit! Love these posts D, keep them up! Stop by for a giveaway! xoxo