Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nature's Spring Jewelry

Spring is my favorite time of year in Kansas City (fall is a close second). It arrives after what always seems like an endless winter (for me anyway). As soon as my tulip bulbs break the ground in February I count down the days until spring. It seems like this time of year is the only time in Kansas City when you can go outside and enjoy the weather and not get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Another couple of weeks and that won't be the case (at least for me). So, I spent a good hour in our front yard taking photos. Enjoy!All of the above pictured tulips came from a variety pack I bought at Home Depot.

Every spring I plant a flat of impatiens. Once established, they look gorgeous into November!
Lily of the Valley - I dug some of these up from the yard of a house we rehabbed a couple of summers ago and they are taking hold quite well!

Lamium - great shade plant. We also have a lighter green version.

Purple Sand Cherry - I like to call it the poor man's japanese maple :)


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